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At only 52 years young, Cathy passed away on June 21, 2014 . Cathy loved her family and loved her pets.

We accepted Cathy's cats into our permanent care program with a leap of faith, because that was Cathy's wish. We had hoped that eventually when her house was sold and the estate settled that we would be compensated as per Cathy's wishes. Unfortunately the attorney has informed us that there now will be no funds available from the estate for her cats' care. With the cats' advanced ages and medical conditions we already have incurred over $24,000.00 in expenses for Cathy's cats for needed things such as veterinary care, prescriptions, food and litter, and the expenses continue to add up. But we stand behind the promise we made to Cathy, to give her cats the first-class quality care she had wanted.

Cathy had written us a lovely note about Marbles, telling how she had out-lived all of her siblings. Upon arrival here our vet discovered Marbles had a "grade 3" heart murmur. She also diagnosed Marbles with low potassium, hyperthyroidism and early stage Chronic Renal Failure (also known as kidney disease). We managed her hyperactive thyroid and CRF with medication well, but sadly we lost her just after her 22nd birthday to heart failure, when sweet Marbles passed peacefully in her sleep.
Marbles' Expenses totaled $1,322.16.
Blakeley arrived with a urinary tract infection, which cleared up with antibiotics. However our vet also diagnosed Blakeley with Chronic Renal Failure and dental disease and she was being treated for these. Blakeley loved basking in the sun curled up on her cat condo. She was such a love! Sadly, Blakeley passed away May 17, 2017, just a few weeks shy of her 20th birthday.
Blakeley's Expenses totaled $6,137.87.
Our vet has diagnosed Pumpkin with low potassium and Chronic Renal Failure. She also is treating Pumpkin for dental disease. Pumpkin is an absolute sweetheart with the prettiest green eyes! Pumpkin will turned 20 years old later this year.
Pumpkin's Expenses to date total $7,220.89.
Rose Petals
Rose Petals is Pumpkin's littermate sister. She had been diagnosed with low potassium, Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Pancreatitis. She has had a few pancreatitis flare ups requiring immediate emergency care but she rebounded, receiving twice-daily insulin injections to manage her blood glucose levels and antibiotics and pain medication to help relieve the symptoms of the pancreatitis. Sadly, Rose Petals' last pancreatitis flare up was too much for her to handle. She was put to eternal rest April 6, 2017.
Rose Petals' Expenses totaled $10,416.18.

Cathys Cats
Cathys Cats

We have set up a funding campaign to help offset these expenses and we gladly will accept any financial help to help us to continue caring for Cathy's cats. To date you all have given $935.00, so thank you!!

You can make a secure payment here with a major credit card, a check or PayPal:


I Would Love to Give Cathy's Cats:

Or you can mail a check payable to “This Old Cat” to us at PO Box 320, Honeoye, New York 14471-0320 or call us toll-free at 1-866-388-4707 to make a credit card payment over the phone.

Cathys Cats
Cathys Cats

On behalf of the cats Cathy loved so dearly, thank you for helping us to help them!

Cathys Cats Cathys Cats Cathys Cats Cathys Cats

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